Hello world,

First of all I would like to say thanks to Jesus Christ for His many blessings so that I can make this blog. And also thanks to my family for their supports.

My name is Vincent Yeoh. When I wrote this blog, I was working in an office in Bandung.

Honestly I never thought to make a blog before. It took me quite some times before I decided to make this blog. And then what do I want to write about in this blog? Which platform to use? What name would I give to this blog? And so I learned that you need to think less and do action more. Just do it, think later. But still it was not easy even just to pick up a name for this blog. Then I thought again to myself, what do I want to put into this blog? Well, how about if I write things that I like?

I like to read books, all kinds of books which are interesting to me especially action thriller novels, traveling books and stories, humour, etc. And then I like to eat, well, who doesn’t? And occasionally I do traveling (though sometimes I got constrained by fund and time). So in this blog I will do my best to review some books that I read. Tell stories about my traveling experiences and because I like to eat then I will review them as well.

So why I named this blog Sensalicious? Well, sensalicious was short from sensational and delicious. Here is definition that I found from Google Translate:


(of an event, a person, or a piece of information) causing great public interest and excitement.

Delicious means pleasant (to taste).

So I hope that my posts in this blog can casue great public interest and excitement as well as pleasant to read.

Nevertheless, thank you so much for visiting my blog, God bless us all!

Happy reading!


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  1. Hi Bandung Fella, thanks for stopping by and following my Little Orange World. Will enjoy what you write here. 🙂

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