Rabbit Satay, delicacy from Lembang

‘What?! You eat rabbit? Those fluffy, cute animal? OMG!’, yes those were questions that my friends often asked me whenever I said to them that I eat rabbit meat. It was okay because rabbit meat is not a regular meat that people eat unlike chicken or beef. I can totally understand it but let me ask you a question: if you seldom eat chicken then why not try some rabbit meat because it tasted just like chicken. They are both white meat and did you know that a serving of rabbit meat contains 28 gr of protein, more than beef or chicken? Rabbit is also a concentrated source of iron. A serving contains more than 4 mg and low in calories. It contains only 147 calories and so on. You can search the net for more information about the goodness of rabbit meat.

Allright, let’s go back to the main topic of this post: rabbit satay.

If you happened to be in Bandung, the capital of West Java province in Indonesia then perhaps you could go to Lembang, about 30 minutes to 1 hour drive from Bandung depend on the traffic, to eat rabbit satay.

The place that I visited was called ‘Sate Kelinci Pak Rusli’. Kelinci means rabbit and guess what sate means in english. They served rabbit satay with sweet soy sauce mixed with sliced raw shallots and sliced bird eye chillies. If you can not stand the hot taste of chillies then you can ask them not to put those chillies in the sauce. The satay itself served over peanut sauce and fried shallot. They also give you a small plate of fresh sliced cucumber and tomato. The tomato and the cucumber were sooo fresh like they just picked them from the garden and guess what, yes they have their own garden of vegetables at the back of the stall. Cucumber believed to be able to neutralize the cancer effect of charcoal that you eat from the satay. The rabbit meat itself was succulent, cooked quite well and tasted just like chicken. Did I said that already? When you eat the satay don’t think that you eat rabbit satay but just imagine that you eat chicken satay instead if you still feel awful that you are about to eat rabbit in a stick. Then you will begin to appreciate the wonderful taste of the meat. Hell, you are not gonna see the satay in a form of rabbit anyway.


The place was not some fancy restaurant but rather a warung. Warung is a small streetshop or stall.

People usually eat the satay with plain rice. I do recommend this place if you want to try some rabbit satay. Don’t believed me asked the dishes, you know what I mean if you know that movie or if you…. ah nevermind.

A served of rabbit satay (10 pcs) cost just Rp 30.000 (approx. USD 2.10) and the rice just Rp 5.000 (USD 0.35). Yes, it’s so cheap. Good food, good price, very happy tummy indeed.

So, do you dare to try some rabbit satay now?


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