Sensational World Cup Event 2018

Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of soccer. I don’t watch all those leagues from Spain, England, Germany, etc ( While some of my friends do love soccer even subscribed to paid cable tv just to watch those soccer channels, I’m not. I only watched soccer occasionally especially when there is a special event like world cup. This year world cup was held in Russia and a lot of unexpected things happened in this event. All the big teams like Germany, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay even Russia as the host of this game were all out of the competition. Now as of this writing (9th July 2018) we are coming to the semi final with France vs Belgium and Croatia vs England left before going to the final!

So who do you think will win the World Cup of 2018?

Here is a bit of statistic of this year World Cup event:

Host country



14 June – 15 July


32 (from 5 confederations)


12 (in 11 host cities)

Tournament statistics

Matches played


Goals scored

157 (2.62 per match)


2,747,054 (45,784 per match)

Top scorer(s)

England Harry Kane (6 goals)



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