The Queen of the Southern Sea Legend

Pelabuhan Ratu or Queen’s Harbour is a port town located at the south west of Bandung on West Java province in Indonesia. It is known for surfing spot in West Java. Another attraction for tourist in this city is spiritual related. Some people believe that the Queen of the Southern Sea aka. Indian Ocean named Nyai Roro Kidul has special place in this city. But perhaps she was notorious for her potrayal in Indonesian horror movie circa 1980s starring Suzanna.

This was my experience during my stay at Inna Samudra Beach Hotel in Pelabuhan Ratu city. It is said that Nyai Roro Kidul stayed at this hotel in room 308.


I was staying with my workmate in the same room. It was a twin bed room. My workmate believed that he had a sixth sense ability to see interdimensional beings. If you had watched Sixth Sense movie starring Bruce Willis then you know what I meant. As for me, I do not have gifts like that, thanks God.

I went to sleep that night. I had a strange dream. In my dream I was approached by a young boy in what I can remember wearing a traditional dress. He was very handsome for his age.

‘Who are you?’, I asked him out of my curiosity.

‘I am the son of Nyai Roro Kidul’, the boy said. So that made him the prince of the Southern Sea.

I forgot what I was talking to him and I even didn’t ask about his name.

Then the next morning I told my workmate about my dream last night. He said to me that he woke up at around 4 am and he was shocked because he saw a royal guard was standing in our room. He said that the guard was just standing there and did nothing. Well maybe that guard was the prince’s guardian that was in my dream.

When we did the check out later that morning after we had our breakfast, I asked the receptionist, ‘Could we have a visit to room 308?’

‘Yes, you can Sir as you are our guest and it’s free. Usually we charged for a fee for people who are not stayed in our hotel.’

‘Great,’ I said feeling excited.

Then we went to room 308 with the accompany of the hotel staff. I forgot his name. We went into the room. The room was dominated by green colour as green actually was the queen’s favourite colour. It is forbidden for people to wear anything green because the myth said that if you wear green colour dress or shirt and then have a swim in the sea then the queen will drag you down. And then you die. Well, scientifically speaking, the colour of the southern sea of Java was aqua green and it had a very strong current under the sea. So if you do get sucked in the ocean current then it would be very hard for SAR (Search And Rescue) team to find you as you will blend with the colour of the ocean if you wore green, don’t you?

Back to the room, I saw a lot of things inside the room that were mostly in green colour. There was a bed too. The hotel staff explanied to me that all of the stuffs that were in the room was gifts from guests for Nyai Roro Kidul. Many people came to this place to ask for inspirations, love mates, wealth and so on.


So if you want to travel to Pelabuhan Ratu town and want to have a different experience then I suggest that you stay at Inna Samudra Beach Hotel and see the legend for yourself.


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