Bali Raw [Book Review]

Bali Raw

An Expose of the Underbelly of Bali, Indonesia

By: Malcolm Scott

Do not expect that this book will tell you some stories about exposing all the bad things about Bali in a documentary style way despite that title. It is not! Instead, Bali Raw tells a story about an Australian expat and his brothers who lived and worked in Bali for years. The book told many stories that came from the author’s own experiences.

I found out that the chapter titled “when the bell tolls” was very funny in my own way. I won’t tell you what the story was about. Go read it yourself if you are curious.

All I can say is that this is an interesting book to read despite many bad comments from goodread site and most of the comments said that ‘this is a waste of your time, not recommended to read, it is the worst book, it should be titled how to get a prostitute in Bali and poorly edited (I agreed with this one because some of the sentences seems like grammatically incorrect).

However, I thought that this book was quite entertaining and some of the stories were true. Yes, shits happened and in this case they happened in Bali although mishaps could happened at random places and times not just in Bali. As this was a non fiction book, all that happened in the book were real and sometimes even worse especially when you deal with the authorities. It was true that they are very very expensive and you could ‘pay’ them to do what you want. Another example of the true story was when one of the author’s friend was rejected from some hospitals because he had only little money in his wallet. Well, I guess money comes first before a human live. Maybe because Indonesians were assumming that all westerners are rich? Anyway, go read the book for the detail.

Lastly, I wondered why at the back of the book it was categorized as travel book as this book was definitely not a travel book as in my opinion but rather a book about the writers own experiences and can be categorized as non fiction only.

Regardless all of the bad things that was written about Bali in this book, Bali is still a great holiday destination for families, young and old. Bali is still a safe place to go to have fun, do some water sport activities, go to some nice places like Bali zoo, Bali bird park, Bali safari and marine park, eat some babi guling or just go shopping. Just don’t bring your kids to bar or pubs.

One more thing. This book should be rated R 18+ for violence, sex scene, nudity, drug used and coarse language.

Please, keep this book out of reach of children!


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