Indonesia Church Bombing

Sunday morning supposed to be a good day for everybody to celebrate life as it is weekend. Time to relax, have fun with their families and for some people to go to church for Sunday mass. Alas, Indonesian and the world was shocked by the news about church bombing in Surabaya on sunday morning. Many people condemned the brutal action by terrorist that bombed 3 churches at Surabaya. Even Pope Francis concerned and prayed for Indonesia.

According to many news site, the Indonesia church suicide bombings was committed by one family. This is so sad, even children now was brainwashed to become a suicide bombing from their early age. I’m speechless….

As of now, the news still developing as many more bombs detonated at many places such as at Sidoarjo on Sunday night and this Monday morning a bomb went off at Surabaya police headquarter. You can googling to follow the news.

My deep condolences to those affected by this tragedy. May the Lord forgive them for they do not know that they are doing.

Be safe everyone! God bless.

Photo credit to: Channel News Asia


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  1. My deepest sympathies and sorrow to the victims and their families. I truly condemn this ruthless act as it is against basic human norms. Hopefully, swift justice and peace will come soon in Indonesia.

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