A Savoury Soto Betawi

Last night I went to Cibadak street for dinner. Cibadak street was famous for its culinary feat at night with many decorated street light poles and lots of hanging lampions. Basically it was a street full of local food hawkers both halal and non halal. Those hawkers only open from 5 pm until late in... Continue Reading →

Rabbit Satay, delicacy from Lembang

‘What?! You eat rabbit? Those fluffy, cute animal? OMG!’, yes those were questions that my friends often asked me whenever I said to them that I eat rabbit meat. It was okay because rabbit meat is not a regular meat that people eat unlike chicken or beef. I can totally understand it but let me... Continue Reading →

Happy Yummy Journey

Hello everyone. This time I will post this book review in Indonesian since this book was written in bahasa Indonesia and no English edition had been published yet as of this writing. So sorry about that. So here it goes. Judul dari buku ini adalah “Happy Yummy Journey” oleh Eje Kim yang diterjemahkan sebagai berikut:... Continue Reading →

The Queen of the Southern Sea Legend

Pelabuhan Ratu or Queen’s Harbour is a port town located at the south west of Bandung on West Java province in Indonesia. It is known for surfing spot in West Java. Another attraction for tourist in this city is spiritual related. Some people believe that the Queen of the Southern Sea aka. Indian Ocean named... Continue Reading →

Bali Raw [Book Review]

Bali Raw An Expose of the Underbelly of Bali, Indonesia By: Malcolm Scott Do not expect that this book will tell you some stories about exposing all the bad things about Bali in a documentary style way despite that title. It is not! Instead, Bali Raw tells a story about an Australian expat and his... Continue Reading →

Indonesia Church Bombing

Sunday morning supposed to be a good day for everybody to celebrate life as it is weekend. Time to relax, have fun with their families and for some people to go to church for Sunday mass. Alas, Indonesian and the world was shocked by the news about church bombing in Surabaya on sunday morning. Many... Continue Reading →

Pangandaran Seafood Galore

Pangandaran is a little beach town at the southern side of Java island. This time I will tell you guys about my dining experience in Pangandaran. If you come to Pangandaran then I recommend to sample their seafood cuisines there. There are many seafood restaurants here. And one area quite famous for their seafood was... Continue Reading →

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